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About us

Our sole vision is to raise disciples among men and women; in equipping them constantly through discipleship training, both to pioneer and to shepherd the new churches as teachable leaders. To make the thing happening we train our kids, their parents, our youths and our men as true disciples, who in turn, become disciplers, in accordance with the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ, as an ongoing strategy.

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Rev.Dr.K. Amalanathan

Senior Pastor

It has been a great honor and privileges to be in the services of the Lord, as His servant for the past 30 years, in various capacities. I am ministering in a small town called Kolar Gold Fields (extreme south of India and 100 kilometers from Bangalore, Karnataka State). In the year 1995, I have founded a ministry called ‘Living Word Ministries’ and in the year 1999 I pioneered a church and began pastoring in it for the past 22 years now. In 2018, I completed my Doctor of Ministry program at CGLD (Centre for Global Leadership Development, Bangalore).

In the year 1995, I began doing street evangelism and began distributing New Testament along with the Gospel tracts. In the year 1999 April 27, I pioneered a church with just 3 people. Galatians 6:9, Let us not become weary in doing good, ‘for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up,’ has been an amazing scripture of sustaining power to overcome all hurdles, agonies and attacks of enemies in all these years. It has been the Gospel; the power of God that enabled us to grow first by ourselves and our ministries as we began to preach it constantly. After having planted this church, within 10 years in time, we have pioneered three more churches and thereafter these branch churches begin working on church pioneering and planting ministries from then on.

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Assistant Pastors

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Pastor. Amos Kumar

Moriah A.G. Church

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Our Present ministry

Covid-19 affected our regular ministries, however, that opened up new and better ministries than the previous ones. It was the online ministry, which we were unaware so far, enabled us to move with new hopes and energies to carry out the work of the Lord. Though we do not have enough equipment for the same, yet, we could get along with the available accessories and continued the ministries. During the lock-downs we could engage our youngsters and men leaders to do various things, like; online-music classes, online children plus parents programs, online leaders training, online youth programs, online men program, online women program, daily one hour online prayer (now it’s going on for two years), online church union meetings (branch-churches together) and etc. Therefore, after the lock-down, these new ministries have not affected our enthusiasm in the field, rather it provided new strategies and we could plan for more church planting. Besides, it brought new believers to our churches, our worship team could perform amazingly, children ministries widened, and the leaders of all segments grew stronger in their faith and their spiritual maturity.

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